Timeline issue with how far back the dates go



I am trying to use Asana as a project tracking tool for a large development firm. The process of building a building is much longer than what the timeline allows for. Not being able to see these important dates prior to when the timeline starts is creating an issue. Please let me know if there is any way to expand the timeline further than what it allows! I need an answer quick as I am trying to convert this company to use Asana, but if this is not fixable I will have to find another program.


Hi @Jake_DeGeare! Unfortunately as it stands, our Timeline doesn’t allow scrolling infinitely into the past, so you Timeline will automatically start when your earliest task in due or starting.

One workaround would be to create an “early” task which would allow you to scroll further back in time. I know this is not ideal, but it might be a good workaround for the time being. Hope this helps!

(I have just removed your phone number and email, as users are not allowed to share personal this kind of personal information on the community).


Good workaround.

Does it matter if the earliest Task is completed or not?


I was wondering why my subtasks arent popping up in the timeline view? I have assigned dates to them however they arent showing up in timeline.


No @Vince_Mustachio it shouldn’t matter! :wink:


Is there any number I can call and speak on the phone with someone who knows a lot about Asana? Ive looked all over the website and cannot seem to find a contact #


Where Do I go to allow someone to edit and assign tasks. Right now they are on comment only. When I look at guides on how to do this it seems they are all based on an old version of asana. It says to click on the little plus in the top right corner to edit permissions for members however on my version of asana the only plus sign in the top right corner allows me to invite people, start a new project, etc. Please let me know!


Nevermind, just found it!!


The Asana documentation is pretty good and searchable.

I’ve found answers there several times.

The community is an excellent resource for things you can’t find in the documentation. Or suggesting/voting for changes.


Do you know if there are any technical support numbers associated with Asana? My team and I would really like to speak with someone on the phone if possible!


Hi @Jake_DeGeare; as it stands we do not provide support by phone, but you can reach out to our support team at asana.com/support, or ask your questions in the community! :slight_smile: