Timeline Feedback


So first of all Timeline is amazing! So I hate to be the guy that comes in with criticism right off the bat, I already love this feature and have been using it literally since I opened the announcement feature.

A couple of things I would love to see:

  • Ability to track multiple projects in one timeline
  • Drag-n-drop dependencies (I just realized you can do this, but would be cool if you could just drag instead of having to click int the task)
  • Export as PDF or image (we send Instagantt timelines to clients often, would love to be able to export these to email timelines)
  • Publicly shareable link to TImeline (of course we can invite customers to projects, but would be great if they didn;t have to log-in to see the Timeline)

Great work, love tis feature so much!

After using new timeline feature and premium for a month

This is probably being considered, but in order to get multiple projects in a Timeline view, adding it to an advanced search would be pretty elegant.


@Alexis do you think we should have one separate thread per request? Thanks @Josh_Brown for the feedback!


Exploring Asana Premium over Instagantt. Just barely diving in but being able to see multiple timelines is a huge plus in order to schedule out work across multiple projects and see where we have time to fit in new projects. Gets my vote!

Comparing Asana Timeline to Instagantt?

I’m assuming that as time goes along Timeline will get more like Instagantt and become more robust.

I agree seeing all projects in one timeline would be great. Currently, I have a separate ‘project’ created where I create all my projects as a task. I then can input start/end dates to create a Gantt chart. It would be the bees knees if there was a way to link the projects to a separate group where they could be viewed side by side. My company just started using Asana yesterday. I have been using it for about a month or so. They were all really confused when I told them that in my ‘Roadmap’ project (where I created all my projects as a task) all the companies projects were not linked their respective project section. This comment could probably be a separate thread all-together. What do you think @Alexis?

I also think the ability to export a pdf or image would be great. One of my first thoughts when comparing it to Instagantt was, 'Ooh, I bet the exported charts will be nicer looking that Instangantt." I then realized that was not a function yet.


Timeline is great - we are currently trying to move our projects mapping onto that. We’d like to have high-level items of individual projects (currently set up as Sections) pull together into a larger team roadmap of functionality. We can set start and end dates on sections, but can’t make section dependencies, and right now can’t leverage that on Timeline.


+1 for multiple projects on a timeline!
+1 for exporting to PDF!
+1 for sharable link to timeline only!

These three features would solve so many problems for us!


Timeline is great!

Note: I’m using the timeline feature for planning, but have moved everything else into Jira. Timeline will keep the Asana product in use with my teams - the timeline tool is MASSIVE in terms of project outlining before real data is available.


  • Please stop trying to save me space automagically
    • Arrows need to be visible to explain what is going on to stakeholders.
  • Add types of dependency - nice to include this - red areows aren’t quite enough - might need another graphical connector type.
    • FF, FS, SS, SF
  • Add more colors for tagging or some other system that can be used to differentiate workstreams/teams
  • Add a ‘decision point’ icon which can be moved about - have it be just like a task
    • Massively helpful when pointing out the actual work on a project, which sometimes needs heavy management input
    • with each step being uniquely undo-able.

Also - get a confluence plug for this stuff - make sure that the timeline can show up in many places in confluence - its SO irritating to use the except tool/roadmap tool in confluence - sure it gets to job done, but its so inelegant and half the time it doesn’t even save properly.


Can we ask them for ‘better than’ instagantt.


Click/drag dependency arrows would be nice too. Mavenlink has that and its a real timesaver.


Yes to the above suggestions, and also how about:

  1. Show who the task is assigned to (with a profile pic perhaps, like in calendar view)
  2. Show/toggle subtasks with an expand button on the tasks


Oh hah, I’m a bit stupid… I just realised if you have your zoom on 100% the assignee profile pics actually do show.

After using new timeline feature and premium for a month

I’m also loving the new timeline feature! I concur with the majority of suggested developments. Like others here, key for me is the ability to export the timeline in PDF format, or alternative and better still, a nice output report with timeline and tasks (including task details / sub-tasks). I appreciate that one can print to PDF, but this means messing around removing the navigation bar gubbins. Thanks!


Thank you so much to the team for this feature. As if, I couldn’t love Asana any more!

One major things that I’ve been on the hunt for is the ability to mark areas vertically. This really helps with planning across multiple departments / projects, so we don’t forget things like holidays or deadlines. See attached.


It would be helpful to have…

  • Ability to select or hide people in timeline view
  • One timeline per team (combines multiple projects into one timeline to understand workload)
  • Timeline by person (would combine their tasks from separate project into a single view to understand workload)
  • Backup (save a version in case someone deletes everything)
  • Manage permissions of individual members (who can edit due dates, dependencies, and/or delete tasks)
  • View custom fields even when in My Tasks category
  • Sort simultaneously by a custom field and due date (due date available as header to click on)
  • BUG: when tasks get far enough apart, dependencies still show as arrows in timeline but are no longer listed in the task and thus become stuck in timeline view


Hi @Natasha1! If you don’t mind, I’m merging your post with Timeline Feedback so all feedbacks are centralized. :slight_smile:


I really hope Asana developers can make an update on the Timeline. I understand it’s still new though. For me, the most important thing in the timeline is to view the subtasks, without having to re-add the project into the subtask only to see it in the timeline, because re-adding the project will duplicate it in the list view.

Feature Request: Add Project as Task to another project

Timeline is definitely great! I agree with all of the above.

I’d also love to be able to see a timeline of my OWN tasks (and my employee’s tasks) so that I can see what I am/they are working on simultaneously across multiple projects. I may want to prioritize one project over another and am unable to see what their dependencies are… with timeline, however, that could be possible!

And YES, YES, YES to holidays and planned vacations!!


From what I can tell, no one has brought this up yet, but if I missed a conversation feel free to direct me!

I’d love for timeline to appear less stacked vertically and better spread out horizontally. To scroll down and to the right simultaneously to view a project feels difficult. i.e., If the date range of one task is July 20-25 and another is August 20-25, it would be most helpful to me to see the later task on the same horizontal plane as the earlier task, so I can visually understand where one begins after the other ends. The timeline makes less sense to me when it spreads so far downward, because it’s more difficult to tell how near tasks are together.

Anyone else having this issue? On a related note, it would be great to be able to group or filter tasks in timeline view.



One of the things that makes setting up projects so easy is Instagantt’s feature to duplicate a project based on a start date you set, so you get Instagantt to duplicate the project “master template” but start it on a specific date. I have been unable to do the same with timelines - if I’m missing a trick, please let me know.



ps. the arrows are not clear also!