Timeline Dependencies without overlap

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How do I make dependency tasks switch dates even if I’m not ‘overlapping’ the dates? I need it to move whether I move it forward (without overlap) or backwards? Please help?


You have Task 2 noted as dependent on Task 1, and you want Task 2 to move out automatically when you push Task 1 later - right?

Not positive, but I’m guessing that if there is any slack time (i.e. 1 or more days between the end of Task 1 and beginning of Task 2, what I think you mean by absence of overlapping), Asana will assume the slack time is available for work and will allow Task 1 to be moved later WITHOUT pushing out Task 2 - by any number of days up to and including the slack time.

The way to fix this is to make sure you have your tasks created so there is no defined slack time. You could either lengthen Task 1 so it spans multiple days and encompasses all the slack time, or you could create a filler (and even call it “Filler”) and chain it between Task 1 and Task 2. Either should create the behavior you want (although both will have their own downsides and consequences).

Also, you need to be making the date change edits in Timeline view for automatic pushout - so I’m told.

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Hi @Terra_Melia,

As @Stephanie_Oberg quite accurately described, Asana only shifts dependent task if (a) you’re in Timeline view and (b) the dependent task conflicts with (overlaps with) its shifted dependency.

If you want to have all dependent tasks auto-shift, regardless of overlap or not, regardless of whether you’re moving forward or backward, and regardless of what view you’re in - that capability is available via the Auto-Adjust Workflow type of my Flowsana integration. It will do exactly what you’re asking for. :slight_smile:

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Phil to the rescue :man_superhero:

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Hi @Phil_Seeman - Does the shifting you describe in Flowsana apply to subtask dependencies? I noticed that subtask dependencies don’t show up in Timeline view and the due dates don’t shift when production dates change. Thanks.

Hi @Kelly.M!

Unless the subtasks are attached to the project (and if they’re not showing in Timeline view, that would mean they’re not attached), they won’t be treated as regular dependent tasks. However, Flowsana does have one special option that, if turned on, treats all of a task’s subtasks as if they were dependent on their parent, and thus it shifts all of their dates when their parent’s date changes.