Timeline coloring logic


Could someone explain the logic for how the timeline feature displays project colors.

I’ve got a few activities that are tagged against multiple projects however I want to work out how I control the colors without having to create an additional custom field step.

It’s certainly not based on the ordering of projects on the left since I’ve experimented with this and it didn’t change the colours.



Hi @David22 and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

If you’re using the “Default Asana” settings in your Timeline, your tasks will by default take the color of the first project you have associated the task with. So for example, if “Task 1” was associated with “Project 1” (which is blue), “Task 1” will automatically be blue. Adding “Task 1” to other projects will not change the task color!

Hope this helps to clear up any doubts you might have! Please let me know id there is anyhting else I can help with!