Timeline: Auto Remove "White space" vertical gaps

Timeline is indispensable for our construction company where I list multiple jobs in sections and show color coded trade-specific tasks. This helps visualize and schedule resource allocations. One problem however is that after I get everything looking visually tight, if I go to List view to add/edit something then back to Timeline view, the stacking of tasks gets redone, usually in an unpleasant way with lots of “white space” gaps vertically between tasks presumably based on the volume of tasks taking up space from the past but not currently visible. This has the undesirable effect of reducing the amount of needed information I can see onscreen. I then have to spend additional time moving things around vertically to tighten up the space again so more projects can be viewed in a single screen (back to the way I had it before going to List view). I vote to change the behavior such that the visual placement in Timeline doesn’t change (unless new things are added) and/or a more intelligent method of “auto-reducing vertical white gaps” to tighten up the view so its more useful. A tightened view is critically important for being able to cross-compare resource allocations across multiple jobs. If I can’t see two jobs concurrently on-screen because everything has gotten shifted around, my job is more difficult.