Time Zone Allocation for Due Time of Tasks

Dear Asana,

I work in an internatinal environment and have to travel a lot. When I open Asana in a different time zone, it adapts the times depending on the time zone I am in - which is clever in some cases. In others, it is confusing and not wanted.

For example, when I am in CEST and have a meeting scheduled at 10:00 am CEST, it is clever to change the time when I am travelling in CET - it adapts the time automatically to 09:00 am CET. On the other hand though, if I have a meeting scheduled at 09:00h CET and am in CEST, I have to enter the time in 10:00 am CEST so that when coming back to CET, I do not miss my meeting (happened alreday :wink: ).

I would like to have the option to select the time zone in which I enter the time. Would that be possible?

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