Time-tracking in asana

Good day.
We need the following functionality:
We would like to set tasks for our developers, tasks can be on different projects and with a different set of tags.
We are interested in the possibility, at an arbitrary point in time, to get information about how much time was spent on tasks (total) marked with a specific tag or developers for a certain period of time.
An excellent solution would also be to track the time that the task was in a certain status (i.e. be able to change the status of the task, in work or in the queue).
Is there such an opportunity on this service?
If it is provided by the built-in tools of this service, could you please indicate how to use them?
Or can you give recommendations on how we can use this service to cover the described features, at least partially?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi @111231, we don’t have a built-in time tracking solution in Asana, but there are quite a few 3rd party time tracking integration available for Asana :point_right: https://asana.com/apps?category=time-tracking

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