Time Trackers Integration

Hey guys!

I’ve been trying out all of your time tracker integrations, and all of them is such a headache. Even paid ones. Not even saying that the only one that integrates more or less complete is Harvest. But even it is so raw.

I really think you have to make a bond with http://hellobonsai.com and integrate it fully into Asana projects dashboard, not just a pop up like it is done for harvest.

Take a look how easy it is to start a timer there

Additionally here is a letter I send to Harvest with all the UI/UX suggestions

Here is what I found so far:

1.When I click on the clock icon in my Asana project I am expecting to just quickly start timer instead of clicking “Create project” which opens another browser tab and redirects me to Harvest with a huge list of fields and settings. It will become a big headache when you have a lot of small projects in Asana.

That could be twice better if I could create project not leaving Asana at all, which could be achieved by pre-setting my defaults fo new projects in Harvest.

For instance, I don’t need any non billable tasks, my hourly rate is usually same.

Client could be selected from a drop down in Asana, Title could be set immediately there too.

Then I’d love my project start date to be assigned automatically upon creation of the project, and end date simply when I send invoice or click “close project”

In short, the integration with Asana is really very raw.

  1. When I finally create a project I have to go back to Asana tab …sigh… then I click “start timer” and it simply closes the window saying nothing , and the only hint that the timer is active is a blue outline of the clock which can be barely noticed by non designer.
    It should definitely show ticking time somewhere in the corner , and the time should include seconds as well , otherwise you have an impression that the timer has stopped.

It got even more confusing when I installed Harvest app for Mac OS, the time that I have tracked in this app is simply not shown in Asana.

3.When I click on the Harvest clock in Asana and window pops up, I’d love to see a better timesheet, instead of " has hh:mm tracked to it"

It could say something much more human like “Roger worked 2hr30m on this project”
Ideally I would love to see time tracks near to my project title in Asana not even clicking on the clock.

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