Time planning and 2 way sync with Asana?

We’ve currently using a combination of Asana and Teamweek as a way of managing our projects for external and internal use. In terms of specifics, we are:

  • Creating a project in Asana for each client, and then using tasks for each activity
  • We then replicate the tasks in teamweek that need to be completed internally and assign time allocations for these tasks.

Whilst this works OK, this does involve a lot of duplication. We are looking for a way to:

  • Automate the process of transfering specific tasks from a project to an external app, like Teamweek
  • Have a two-way sync between asana and the external app.

Essentially, our goal here is to:

  • Be able to use Asana for clients to see the milestones and activities they need to e.g. delivery of first draft.
  • Allow us to manage non-client facing tasks with an external app e.g. create first pass of client draft.
  • Be able to evaluate in the second app how much capacity individuals in our team have.
  • Ensure that when a task and its dependencies in asana are amended, this is reflected in the external app.
  • Have a two way sync between asana and the external app

A lot of requests here folks, but just wondered if anyone can help. Many thanks.

Hi @Adam_Pearce! Sounds like you’re keeping things very organized! We love that. In terms of a Teamweek integration, I’d recommend looking into options with Zapier, Unito, IFTTT, or Tray.io. Tray could build something custom for you if you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for with the other options listed. You might also consider building something through the Asana API.