Time Estimates for Tasks Not in Projects



Hey everyone,

I’m looking for a way to include time estimates on my Asana tasks. I know it can be done in projects with custom fields. But I’m working with “my tasks” which often exist outside of projects. Is there a way to get time estimates on tasks that don’t exist within specific projects?



Hi Bryan,

custom fields are only available when assigning tasks to a project. Filled fields however remain with the task (in r/o) when you unassign the task from a project.

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PS: Maybe tags would do the trick for you as well? We use pre-definied T-Shirt-Sizes for estimations over here.


Thanks for the ideas. The tagging might work except that I want to do mathmatical addition on the values. To see if I’ve filled up 4 hours of a day… for example.

The ideas motivated me to dig a little deeper. I think what I’ll end up doing is create a private personal project where I’ll add an “Estimate” custom field. Then I’ll just make sure that all of my tasks are in that project or in other projects where I extend the presence of the “Estimate” custom field.



just in case that is of interested when it comes to estimates and maybe time tracking. There are a bunch of services offering Asana integration. The one we prefer is everhour.com. It’s quite seamlessly integrated in the Asana UI using a Chrome plug-in. However the tool requires all tracked task to be assigned to a project as well.

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