Time detail of task update


Hi everyone,

I just moved to Asana and wonder whether we can generate report which includes time log, it’s much better when we can track timely progress via Google Sheet.
The report we are aiming for contains:

  1. Detail of date and time in “Created at” and “Last modified”
  2. How long the task has been in funnel A (for example REQUEST)
  3. At what time the task is being moved to funnel B (for example DONE)

I really appreciate your help, thank you.


Hi @Nafi. Welcome to the Community!

You can view quite a lot of data when you export a project to CSV format or Google Sheet. The export includes columns for created at [date], completed at [date], last modified, due date, and more. If you’d like to get even more specific with time lines and task movement, I recommend that you look into Asana integrations. For instance, you could explore using a time tracking integration for more specificity on timelines.

Please let us know if you have other questions.