Time Block Tasks Feature Requests

My Feature suggestion is that you create a new section under home that says “My Day” Under my day you see tasks assigned to me and due today. To the task I would like to add a field that is the time to complete the task in at least 15 min increments. When I set a due date of a task that items time block is added under My Day and then under my Day I should be able to drag and drop the order that I want to complete these tasks in.
Additionally it would be a bonus to be able to see a place to plan my day with all of my tasks on the left side then the My Day are on the right then I can just drag and drop a tas from the left tot he right under the according day and time slot based on the tasks time to complete field. In this way I can block my entire week. Please consider this it would be a game changer.

Aren’t you describing My Tasks with the Today section basically? Except that there is not custom fields visible directly from the list view.

Not really , I mean yes you can have tasks and sort them based on priority but you cannot time box them so I don’t have any idea how long the task will take. If the tasks is in a time block you can then put those blocks in my day at various points. If I have 30 mins open I can slam in a task that fits that time box that I have been putting off. being able to plan the entire day or week should allow me to get more done and have a structured list.
Also when it comes to creating tasks for others on my team they can clearly see how much time I think that the task should take based on my assessment and we can have a discussion about that.