Tie custom field to board columns

I have a scrum board where I sync tasks with my team. The board has columns like “todo”, “in progress”, “done”, etc. The board works well, and it is easy to move tasks between columns.

But, these tasks also exist in other boards. Especially, they are in the company board, which has its own groups and columns.

I need a way to reflect the task status across different boards.
We have a custom field of “status”, but I cannot tell Asana to automatically update it when I move tasks between columns.
It would be really helpful if the columns reflect this custom field. It would sync all of my tasks across the different boards.

Is this possible?

This seems like an essential feature and a no-brainer. +1!

I would also really really love this feature. This is the primary reason why we do not use the Board Layout at all in Asana, which is also one of the missing features most likely to push us back towards JIRA.

I’ve described the way we currently work around this problem in a short medium article I wrote up: https://medium.com/@jaimemarijke/how-we-shoehorned-agile-into-asana-dda3e78d8758

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Hi @Jaime_McCandless and welcome to the forum,

Great write-up on JIRA vs. Asana!

FYI, you can easily link a custom field to Board columns (sections) using If-Then Rules in my Flowsana integration. Here’s an example of moving a task to a different column based on changing the value of a Status custom field:

You could also go the other direction, so to speak, and create a rule that updates a custom field based on moving a task to a different column.

This feature should become possible with Rules feature even on Asana Premium plan, by using Routing kind of rules. Additionally if you have DONE column, and move only completed tasks there, Agile kind of rules would save you a coupe of clicks as well.

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This is increasingly a priority for our team. The ability to tie a projects sections (and thus board columns) to a custom field would add amazing flexibility to a project.


As @Myroslav_Opyr said, you can do this now with Asana’s Rules: