Three-dots not working


Hi all, I want to share my Asana project with team members who are non-Asana users. I know that there are a few options:

  1. Export the project in CSV/JSON file format or sync to calendar - these are options that do not work for me because I do not want the exported project in CSV/JSON format and also do not want to sync these tasks with everyone’s calendars.
  2. Print the project - the problem with this is that the print view does not display the starting dates for the task and only shows the due date
  3. Use three-dots - tried using this but I get an error saying “a timeout occurred”. I’ve been trying to use three-dots for two days now but can’t.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to share projects with non-Asana members without getting people to sign up/create an account?




I am the developer behind three-dots. How big is your project? Please note that I don’t show starting dates either.


PS: don’t hesitate to reach out to others of products when they don’t work :wink:
PS2: you can use Asana2Go cc @lpb


Hi Bastien,

Thanks for the prompt reply! It’s not too big - I have 33 tasks divided into 8 sections. But I also tried to access three-dots with a project that is significantly smaller in size and only has 2 tasks and still get the following message “Error 502 bad gateway - Host error”



Ok looks very serious indeed I’ll have a look


@Zermeen_Sahar, if you still can’t get anywhere with three dots, I can also highly recommend Asana2Go.


Is that a plug/extension?


Yeah, it’s a Chrome extension. Very simple to set up and use.


He is a friend, don’t hesitate to use his extension!


This is great! Thanks so much. Just an additional question, is there a way to show the deadline dates or is that not possible with the plugin?


I am pretty sure you can, @lpb will answer I think!


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman and @Mark_Hudson. @Zermeen_Sahar, yes, Due Dates are shown by default in these standard formats: Cards, Table, Table w/Subtasks, CSV Basic, CSV Detailed. For all the other standard formats you can customize to add, or create your own from scratch. See the detailed Help within Asana2Go, or PM (private message) me if you need more info.


Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi


I am discontinuing three-dots, more info on :sweat_smile: