Thread Closure ? Attaching Files from GSuites new Team Drive(s)


I find it unbelievably ridiculous that the previous thread on this topic has been closed.

Just because a year has elapsed no fix has been provided for this functionality. Just because people are calling out the absurdity of the situation. Every other product we use has fixed this defect. Asana still has not addressed this defect and as I have said before is still advertising it as a selling feature. See here and and The integration no longer works, one side of the integration made changes and now the google drive integration is broken and no longer works. This has caused many hours of lost productivity with workarounds that involve dragging files to google my drive and linking them and moving them back to the team drive, or copying links and typing the names of files. Please prioritize this as a defect fix that is urgently needed not a new idea or want from your users.

Please open the thread so we can continue to see the number of people who need this and who are impacted negatively by the continued existance of this defect.


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