There's a 'collapse the right pane' shortcut, but no 'open the right pane' shortcut?

When I am typing out a new task, I find it extraordinarily bothersome that I have to begin using my mouse again in order to open the details pane for the task I’m viewing. This pane that appears on the right to display the task’s details can be collapsed using the ESC key, but I’m failing to find a keyboard shortcut to open this pane. I find it remarkable that the is no shortcut listed for this action, which makes me think I must be overlooking a secret option somewhere.

I thought there might be half-solutions to this issue such as using the Set Due Date or Focus Subtasks shortcuts, but neither of those open the task’s details pane. In fact, when I select a task and hit shortcuts such as Focus Subtasks, Add A Tag To The Task, or Assign Selected Task, these shortcuts appear to be broken as they do not do anything when I press them.

The reason it’s so important to be able to open a task’s details pane using a keyboard shortcut is efficiency. It’s super inefficient to have to switch back and forth and back and forth over and over between the mouse and keyboard when navigating an application like Asana. Being able to navigate around the app entirely using the keyboard is essential for being efficient, especially when entering a long list of tasks and adding a description to each task.

It’s notably frustrating to see that there’s a working keyboard shortcut to make random images of cats appear on the screen but other keyboard shortcuts are broken and essential fundamental actions such as putting the caret in a task’s description field doesn’t exist. Asana is really neat, but it feels like the service’s keyboard shortcuts need a bunch of work.

I’m using the latest version of the macOS app (1.2.0) on OS 11.5.2.

@Charles_Magnuson, Did you try:

That might help somewhat.



I came here with the exact same issue as @Charles_Magnuson and, Larry, your linked write-up is magic. Appreciate the help!

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