The Sort and Filter Apocalypse!


It’s killing me!

The new ‘sort and filter’ menu is absolutely killing my workflow!

Please take it back. Please!

But seriously, the new menu started popped up in just a couple of my work-spaces, but now the darkness of Sauron has almost entirely engulfed Middle-Earth.

I really need the ‘old’ menu back. You know the one with all the additional options of sorting and filtering. The ones that we use everyday and really really need.

Please help us win the battle for middle-earth before it is too late!


Apologies for the typos in the 4th paragraph. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to edit the main content of my post. It was meant to read:

“But seriously, the new menu first popped up in just a couple of my work-spaces, but now the darkness of Sauron has almost entirely engulfed Middle-Earth.”


Sort of Thanks @Jeremy_Higgins I hadn’t noticed the new filter view until I read this post… One of the key views that I use a lot that seems to have disappeared is the ability to see “All Tasks” but only the completed ones that where completed this week… Good for my Status Reporting and Meetings… Whilst any project I had previously set that as the default view is fine, if I change it I won’t be able to get it back.

So Yes please can we get the old Sort/Filter back or get all the old functionality built it.

For your second question the ability to edit posts in the community that is driven by levels, so the more you post, comment, like etc, the quicker you will be able to.


More filters in the board view (users, custom fields ...) like in list view?

Right there with you Jason with a similar way of filtering tasks. Most of my lists are set to show all incomplete tasks as well as anything that was completed in the last two weeks. All that filtering goodness is now sadly gone :frowning:

Thanks for the info about editing posts. I’ll keep posting and see what magical feature powers are unleashed!


@Jeremy_Higgins and @Jason_Woods, thanks for the feedback! I’d love to know more about what’s missing that feels especially painful – what options were you using in the old menu every day?

If it was “Completed Since…”, there are ways to set up (and save) an Advanced Search with the same criteria (Tasks in a certain Project with Completion Date in the last two weeks). We deprecated the old view for performance reasons, but you can still get that information (with a few more clicks).


Hi @Sara thanks for the response.

You are correct. The “Completed Since…” options were awesome. They were not only helpful on the fly, but they were also used and saved as part of a custom filter for many of our projects. We would set up our preferred ‘filter’ and then save it as the default view for everyone.

I get what you are saying about using an advanced filter but your search options are actually a HUGE pain point for me.

Don’t get me wrong, your advanced search works great. It’s fantastic. It has everything I need when I’m looking at my ENTIRE Asana world. The problem for me (and I gather for many other users from comments made throughout this community) is that we need better search and filter options for the list or board we are CURRENTLY viewing.

Let me explain further.

It would REALLY help us if Asana had ‘Global Search’ vs ‘In-Project Search’ available:

  1. Global Search
    This is basically what Asana has right now at the top and centre of any page. It is a global search bar. It can search for anything, anywhere. It checks ALL boards, and all tasks, all attachments EVERYWHERE. This is awesome! But it is total overkill when you want to search JUST for something within a project. Which brings me to my proposed second type of ‘search’.

  2. In-Project Search
    What Asana lacks is the ability to REALLY quickly and easily search/filter on the CURRENT board or list that a user is viewing. I hate to say it, but Trello does this REALLY well (I’m a convert from Trello by the way and have on-boarded plenty of individuals and Teams over to Asana from Trello and other PM systems).

So often we just need to search for something on the CURRENT board or list. And clicking on ‘search’, then ‘advanced search’, and then selecting a ‘project’ and then adding multiple ‘filters’ is WAY TOO MANY clicks. It’s incredibly frustrating given that almost everything else in Asana is so easy.

Yes, I understand that I can accomplish the same thing using ‘advanced search’. But it’s just way too many clicks. Period.

My proposed solution is to have a simplified but customizable ‘search and filter’ menu at the project level.

It might look something like this:

And as another example:

Obviously this is just a mock-up, and the mock-up doesn’t even include the option to filter by ‘assignee’ - which would also be very helpful on the fly.

In some cases you might want to do something as simple as view all cards with one particular tag. But in other situations you might might want to include all cards that have ‘Tag A’ as well as ‘Tag B’, that are due within the next week, and that have the custom field status of ‘In Progress’.

I think with the introduction of Kanban boards last year, you will see more and more people requesting more advanced filter options - especially on Boards. We often use these for ‘workflows’ or for ‘tracking’ stuff. The work is not usually as linear as ‘lists’, and with large amounts of ‘tracking’ or ‘workflow’ data on a single board, a custom filter to cross reference certain tasks or data points is so very helpful with a click or two.

In short. I live in the big, wide, world of Asana and need at times to search the entire Asana world for a particular project or task - I can already do this. But so often I’m visiting a single project list or board, and want to check certain data points on that particular board, really quickly and easily.

The current ‘advanced search’ method kind of makes me go OUT of the current board into the big Asana world, in order to find the stuff inside my current board. It feels backwards and weird. It also converts my kanban cards into list items! What?! If I have a board with ten columns and ten cards in each column I DO NOT want my search to return a bunch of list items?! I want to see the cards in their original, glorious state, and in their original respective columns! With an ‘In-Project Search’ filter, my board structure would remain the same - it would just show fewer items in each column.



@Jeremy_Higgins, I appreciate your insight this functionality is about reducing friction – the ability to quickly see the information you’re envisioning with fewer (or one!) click. I’ve forwarded your feedback to the product team, who have expressed interest in looking more at filter views on Projects (both Lists and Boards). Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback here!


Thanks @Sara. Always look forward to seeing any enhancements. :grin:


@Sara Is there an update on this as being able to filter on the project level and not just sort by one field would be absolutely amazing. Thanks.


@Anthony_Gualandri, no current updates, but I’ll be sure to ping this thread if/when we know more! Thanks :slight_smile:


Just started using Asana. Did the old Sort and Filter functionality allow for multiple sort levels within a Task?


@Sara was any progress made on this? @Jeremy_Higgins’ examples are similar to how does filtering, and it’s that filtering that makes the tool so useful for software development. If Asana had this, we’d move over.


+1 for this feature