The same tag shows up multiple times



I’m not sure if this is a bug but I certainly do not understand the behaviour. We sometimes use the tag “note”. When I add this tag to a task, it shows up multiple times.


Is this a bug or did we do something wrong?


Hi Amadeus!

This can happen if a tag is created within a private project. In this scenario, the tag in the private project is exclusive to the user that created it. If another users in the Org/Workspace tries to use this same tag, they will not see it in the dropdown and it will prompt them to create a new tag with the same name.

As a workaround, you can manually merge the duplicate tags together and then delete the duplicate. Please follow these steps:

  1. Select one of the existing tags to use going forward.
  2. Change the names of the duplicates so they’re easy to spot. If you have many tags called “Note,” maybe change all but one to something like “Note DUPE”
  3. Apply the official tag to any task with the DUPE tags. You can do this in bulk by multi-selecting all of the tasks and applying the tag to all of them:
  4. Click one of the DUPE tags and delete the tag, as described here:


Thanks, Terrence!


I sent over a support message to the Asana team, but I actually know what caused this and I don’t think it’s what’s reported here. I was able to reproduce the issue when quickly adding tags to tasks and pressing enter, rather than selecting the tag from the drop-down. I’d like to suggest that if the case-insensitive version of the tag already exists, pressing enter selects it from the drop-down instead of creating a new one. Also, preventing new ones from being created would be nice. If you’re going through a huge list of tasks and adding tasks, it’s a lot faster to press enter than to select the tag. And it gets messy if you go on auto-pilot and accidentally create a lot of brand new tags named the same thing. - A merge feature like what’s available for tasks would help!


*huge list of tasks and adding tags