The one feature to rule them all...

You should be able to enable/disable AUTO-FOLLOW when somebody @mentions you.

This is specifically important for key leaders and managers in my company — where something requires their attention, we have someone @mention them. Why would Asana make it so it then AUTO follows you to that task? I understand the logic I guess… but it seems backwards. I chatted with a few people from their higher up support team, and they agreed it was odd, once they stopped to think about it. They all literally said: “yeah I just click unfollow after I’m mentioned. Dozens of times a day. I didn’t think about it.” It is bizarre. Put this at the top of your requested features! Just give us the option to enable or disable it.

Thanks for sharing this feedback @Brig! :+1: This is a great request and I think this would be a good feature. I’ve gone ahead and send it to the Voice of the Customer Program Team so it can be considered in future changes!

On a side note, do you mind if I update the name of the thread to “Add option to enable/disable auto-follow when somebody @mentions you”? This will make it more discoverable for other users :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your reply!