The new Templates feature isn't copying task collaborators or other projects

I have a project template which has tasks that reside in multiple projects. The tasks also have specific collaborators as well. When I copy this to the templates menu then use the template to create a new project, the other projects and collaborators aren’t copied to the new project.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Funnily enough, Paul, I just discovered the same thing a few days ago. I have a template that I wanted to link to another team’s project using a task, but as soon as I saved it to the templates menu, it lost the link.

We settled on putting the other template’s URL into the task description, but it’s a shame there’s not more available customisation for templates.

For now I’m just using the old method of using template projects in a separate “Templates” team.

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I noticed that starting a project from a template DOES copy the collaborators, which is not what we want! Someone in the company is the owner of the template and has made every task/subtask so they are collaborators of everything, but when that template gets used, it shouldn’t copy the collaborators in my opinion.