The new "My tasks" defies all logic

Hi, and yes I tried to understand even my first contact with the today section of the new “My tasks” screen made me think of running and abandoning the whole thing (see below)

So I resolved to read that long and very interesting article:

I understood better the intention of Asana programmers though I realized the mechanism is half baked, and not ready to be used. Normally something not ready to be used is not imposed to the customers apart when the intention is to use them as beta testers.

I will personally try to recover my old “My Tasks” I worked with for five years, but I am deeply concerned for adoption by potential new users… I work for a big company and my team is thinking about moving to Asana. I have today a Zoom session with some of my colleagues to get them started with Asana. For a start they will may be have a different My Tasks screen than mine, great to explain things… I will try to hide them this confusion the most I can because seriously, I am not exaggerating, if I show them that article, they will just run…

Hi @Patrick.EMIN

In order to tasks to be moved into correct sections, you would need to create Rules as mentioned by @lpb in his article. :slight_smile:


Thanks, will look at that, but out of the box, I expected my tasks marked as to be done today will be in the today section :wink:

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That’s the biggest issue with the new My Tasks: nothing is done out of the box. And if you miss the announcement, you don’t create the rules, and nothing happens automatically anymore.

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Yes I followed the tuto and finally arrived at something but this tuto should have been incorporated in the base functionality.

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I agree

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