The new (Android) mobile UI for editing tasks is buggy

Please revert ASAP.

  • The window to edit the task description is tiny
  • Scrolling up the task description and tapping inside it while editing is slow and hard
  • Put the cursor to edit the description back at the top of the task when you tap to edit
  • Put new subtasks on the top of the list

Welcome to the Community Forum @Anderson_Wolfe and thanks for your feedback! Could you kindly confirm what version of the app you’re using? I’ve just tested it my self, and when trying to edit the task description, a whole new page opens allowing me to use my whole screen to edit the description, isn’t it your case?

Looking forward to your reply; have a great Monday! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Marie. I’m on version 6.6.3. A new screen opens, but it puts the cursor at the end of the Description when you click it, no matter where you click. The scroll to the top when editing is very slow.

Thanks for following up @Anderson_Wolfe! I can’t seem to be able to reproduce the two issues you’re describing (1. Cusrsor staying at the end of the description no matter where you’re clicking; 2. Slow scrolling when editing a description); so I suspect there might have been an issue with your update.

Would you mind trying to re-install the app and let me know if the issue persists? So sorry for the trouble, I look forward to your reply!

Before I do, can you try while using the SwiftKey keyboard which I use? I read a review pointing to a keyboard issue.

A third party keyboard could definitely cause this type of issues @Anderson_Wolfe; I don’t have it on my test device but will try to download it when I get a chance. Reinstalling only takes a second, and if the issue persists, I would try disabling your SwiftKey keyboard.

Neither worked. Make as task with a very long description, and try on your end? PS SwiftKey has 100 million downloads & a 4.5 rating FYI.

Hi, do you have any updates on this? I’m confident others will be having the same issue.

Thanks for your patience @Anderson_Wolfe. I’ve downloaded and installed SwiftKey on my test device and I wasn’t able to reproduce the slow scrolling issue with long descriptions so I suspect the issue could be related to something different.

Regarding the cursor being placed at the bottom of the description: apologies for the confusion this is actually an expected behaviour. I’d recommend creating a separate thread in the #productfeedback category for this specific feedback.

Interesting, thanks. Did you make a long Description in your Task? I’m using a 1+ 5T if relevant.

I copied pasted a few times a long text in my test description and was able to scroll down the description normally. Now bear in mind that extremely long description can potentially trigger performance issue (both on mobile and web); we’re constantly working on improving performances, but it’s important to keep in mind that unusually long tasks description or project containing thousands of tasks for example can lead to performances issues!