The calendar is bonked - (freezes, annoying empty tasks)


The calendar view needs a good work over.

2 major issues:

  1. I like to use a calendar view to organise my time which includes adding new tasks in this view. After using the calendar view for several minutes of moving tasks and creating new ones, it always freezes with a grey overlay. Happens even on 110mbps connection.

  2. New empty tasks are created every time you click on an empty space on the calendar. Even if you type nothing and dismiss the opening dialogue. THIS IS MADDENING! No calendar works this way. If you don’t type anything and dismiss, no task should be created.


Hi @Alex_Anguix!

  1. Could you please send a screenshot of this at so our support team can investigate what is causing this issue?

  2. I understand where you’re coming from, this also happens to me quite a few times a day! :slight_smile: I’m not sure if we have planned to make any changes in this regards in the next few months, but I would encourage you to create a post in #productfeedback.

Have a great Monday!