The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana,

Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman and @Matteo_Cossu1!


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hello! love using boards! im using zapier to get abandoned checkouts into my ASANA… do you know how i do to the newest task on the top??
right now each new task is going under the old one… so the newest are at the bottom. ´

You can’t do it when you create the new task; you have to follow that call up with an addProject call (Asana), specifying the insert_after parameter with a null value.

Wow @Bastien_Siebman! What a gargantuan effort and amazing resource this is :slight_smile:


I have updated Asana own actions with the following:

  • Unassign task
  • Move task to another project
  • Change task to incomplete


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Is Zapier missing the indicator for “Make an API call”? In the intro text before the chart you mention that Zapier and others can use the Asana API, but I don’t use Zapier much so I wasn’t sure and thought that might be confusing.

I use Tray with Asana a lot. Since Tray (and others) can use the API and do anything, are you only marking the specific actions if Tray has a pre-made connector for that task?

With Tray when it comes to triggering, you can setup the webhook to filter on the following actions: Changed, Added, Removed, Deleted, Undeleted (which should be all possible actions). Tray automates the webhook handshake (which I did manually once), however you as the user need to define the filters, resources, and target for the webhook trigger as per Asana documentation Asana That said, you should be able to trigger on anything that the Asana webhook allows, provided you understand how to construct the trigger.

With regard to actions, Tray has different versions of the Asana connector. The 5.x version introduced an Asana-specific HTTP call, which makes it easier to use the Asana API for any calls that don’t have a pre-made connector. I have some complaints with the 5.x connector, but 5.x added some functionality and I’ve based this list off of what I see in 5.x even though I’m sticking to 4.15 for now for the most part Asana - documentation
|Complete task|X|
|Move task to a certain section|X|
|Update custom field, dropdown list fields|X|
|Update custom field, text and number fields|X|
|Set custom field, dropdown list fields on new task|X|
|Set custom field, text and number fields on new task|X|
|Add task to another project|X|
|Move task to another project|(need to remove from project and add to project, there is no one single action to Move task as far as I know)|
|Add collaborators|X|
|Assign task|X|
|Set due date|X|
|Add a comment|X|
|Find user|X|
|Find task|X|
|Find project|Maybe? Not sure what this would be exactly - the UI will help you find a project name, but I’m not sure there is a dynamic way to search for a project GID by project name|
|Update task|X (Update task is used by Tray to change a lot of things like Set/Update due date)|
|Create task|X|
|Create project|X|
|Find section|X|
|Create subtask|X|
|Attach file|X|
|Unassign task|X|
|Add tag|X|
|Remove tag|X|
|Update description|X|
|Like/Unlike a task|X|
|Change task to incomplete|X|
|Set or modify task’s name to a certain value|X|
|Set task as an Approval task||
|Send an email notification to certain users| can send emails directly, but there is no connector to trigger an email notification in Asana that I know of|
|Create a new project from a template||
|Add subtasks from a template||
|Move task’s project to another team||
|Archive task’s project|You can archive a project, would need to Get Task Project then Archive Project, but I don’t think there’s a single step for this|
|Add option to dropdown custom field|X|
|Add user to a team||
|Create a custom field|X|
|Create a project section|X|
|Create a project status|X|
|Create a project tag|X|
|Delete a Custom Field|X|
|Update a Custom Field|X|
|Update a section name|X|
|Delete an Attachment|X|
|Delete a Project|X|
|Delete a Project Section|X|
|Delete a Project Status||
|Delete a comment||
|Delete a Task|X|
|Duplicate a project||
|Duplicate a task|X Yes, but I have a complaint with how this functions and would rather use the API as of 7/6|
|Move a Project Section||
|Remove a task from project|X|
|Remove a User From a Team||
|Search subtask|X can Search and should be able to include subtask as a filter in that search|
|Search tag|X can Search and should be able to include Tag as a filter in that search|
|Make an API call|X|

X means Tray can do it. I might have missed one or two or misunderstood the action you defined. Tray also has a few actions for Portfolio management, if that’s something to add to your list or not, add/remove custom field to portfolio, add/remove member to portfolio, add/remove project to portfolio, create portfolio, delete portfolio, get portfolio data, list custom fields in portfolio, list portfolios, list portfolio projects, edit portfolio name/color.

Happy to answer any Tray/Asana questions. And for fun, here’s a recursive function in Tray that updates the due dates of subtasks/tasks which have dependent tasks, similarly to how in Timeline view linked tasks will update the due date. Asana Automation of Due Dates of Dependant Subtasks using — Anthony Tamalonis I don’t actually use this in production with any team, but it was fun to build.

Indeed I only list triggers and actions natively available. Zapier has the ability to run Javascript so you can virtually do anything, that just requires a great deal of expertise :slight_smile: does that clarify things?

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This is a really great List! Thnx!


@Bastien_Siebman This is a great resource. Thank you!!

Could someone help me with one of the triggers that I need, but can’t see. I know I’m missing something.

I need When Stage (custom field) is set to a ______, Task moves to a certain section. I can only find the opposite in my org when I try to create.

Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 6.07.05 PM


The opposite is definitely available in Premium and above, so it should be there - it would read: “Stage changed → Move task to a certain section”.

It only works with dropdown list custom fields, not text or number fields; could that be the problem?

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Hi @Phil_Seeman thanks for your response. I am using a single select dropdown. I have tried it on 2 different orgs with no options to do move to a certain section when the stage is changed. These are the only ones I see that have to do with the “Stage” custom field:

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 7.23.00 AM

Any other ideas or other people that might help me figure this out?

@Paula_Holsberry that’s very bizarre. If it’s not a privacy issue for you, can you post the entire “Routing” section of your rules window? That’s where it should be.

This is the Routing section from one of my projects in a Premium account; you can see the second one is the one you seem to be missing…

@Phil_Seeman Sure. I’m happy to show a screenshot of the entire Routing section as I am testing this on a demo account so that I can show my client how to do it on his account.

Let me know if you see anything fishy. Thanks again!

Hi thanks for the list, can I apply the due date is approaching rule on a project level only and not on a task by task level? I want to automate reminders to a slack channel when a subscription is up for renewal, 3, 2 and 1 month prior to the renewal for example. I’d like these reminders to be based on the project due date and ignore all the other tasks, we’ll manage them amongst ourselves. Is this possible? Thank you

At the moment rules can’t do anything related to project data.

As a work around if i created a new project, call it renewal add one task with the subscription end date as the deadline then set up these rules and add no further task I think it would work. What do you reckon?

Hello everyone. Is this possible: move task to section → convert to a project (advanced actions)?

I would use this in the request board when a new request (task) goes to the accepted section.


Hi @Dries_Peeters and welcome to the forum,

No, sorry, there’s no Asana rule action that does this, and nothing in the above chart that indicates that any third-party integration does it, either.

As Phil said, there’s no simple solution here.
With something like you could use the Asana webhook to trigger on “Task added to section” and then create your own series of steps based on that trigger. You could create a new project, add a pre-set list of tasks to that project, and copy data from the intake task into these new project tasks, and then add a comment to the intake task indicating the project was created. I want to say it’s not that hard, but your mileage my vary.

That’s essentially what I do now for my intake, only using a Jotform form as the trigger. We set this up before Asana forms existed.

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I believe this is possible with Flowsana. That functionality is mentioned in this Knowledge Base article.

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