The 3 dots on the right disappear when adding multiple users


When I add more than 6 users in Assigned to in Refine search, the 3 dots on the right disappear. I can’t rename, extract CSV, Export to email etc. This happened after the website updated. Please could this bug be fixed? Many thanks


Thanks for reporting this issue @Lexi_Crispe! We’re aware about it and our Team is currently working on it. In the meantime, zooming out should allow you to access the “3 dots” menu!

Thanks again, for taking some time to report this issue, I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update!


Hi @Lexi_Crispe and apologies for the late follow-up here; just wanted to let you now that this issue has been fixed. I’m marking this thread resolved, but feel free to reach out again if you’re still running into trouble!