Text Populating Slowly Onscreen? Help



I use Asana extensively via Firefox browser version 55.0.3 on an iMac running OS X El Capitan. Lately I’ve encountered a nagging problem where text populates on screen painfully slow in each tasks primary description field. I create a new task and type the description. As I’m typing the letters seem to populate on screen on a delay. I can type 5 word phrases and look at the screen for up to 45 seconds before the text appears before my eyes.

I’ve cleared cookies and cache, restarted my machine, and nothing seems to speed up this one area of Asana. I’d hate to migrate all of my account/tasks to another service, but this little hiccup is negatively affecting my daily work flow.

Has anyone else encountered or solved this issue?


Hi Adam,

Thanks for calling this out. This sounds like a performance related bug. I’ve notified our product team. Hopefully we’ll see a solution for this shortly!



This is still an issue, typing in anything in asana is slow. It’s actually easier for me to edit first in notepad and paste the text into a task, than try typing into a task.

As a productivity app it should be waiting for me and not the other way around.