Text Custom Field w/ Hyperlinks


Allow a hyperlink in a “Text” field to be clickable.


This is a great suggestion and something we’ll pass along to the team.

In the meantime, you can include links in the description or comments that are clickable. This could be a helpful workaround until we are able to add this to custom fields.


I support this!!! BIG TIME :slight_smile:

It can either be a link to another task in asana, an email address or a simple URL.
If you want to make it even cooler, you can replace the text in the list view with a set of simple icons!!!


Are there any updates on this? This will be quite handy to link to Dropbox folders for reference instead of attaching each one individually or pinning comments.


Yes please add hyperlinks


YES would you please add hyperlinks?


Please add!


Another “Yes Please” for custom fields with hyperlinks!

Moving info out of the description into a custom field significantly improves organization and also exposes the value more easily via the api.


This - Clickable Jira link as a custom text field.


Text linking would be great, so would the ability to have the drop down be links as well. Giving the choice to pick from products or images found online