Temporary turning off webhook events on per request basis

I’ve gone through the Asana API for information on webhooks and I want to know if I can turn off webhooks events for a particular request on a per request basis that is if I don’t want web-hook event for that particular action? E.g with Teamwork API, though I have setup webhooks, if I’m executing a particular request I can append a query param “fireWebhook=false” which will ask teamwork not to send webhooks for that request on per request basis. I could not find this information on the api docs.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Dawuda_Ahmed and welcome to the forum!

No, the Asana API doesn’t have any capability to disable a webhook. Your only option is to delete it. (Or set filters to limit what gets returned, but that’s not the same thing as you’re asking about.)


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