Temporarily 'deactivate' a project

Hi, we have a project that is quite elaborate, with lots of (dependent) tasks, assigned to several team members, deadlines, milestones etc. But it’s on hold for the moment because we don’t have the ressources to complete some of the tasks, which blocks the whole thing. I (and colleagues) don’t want to see all these tasks everyday popping up in MyTasks, receive notifications that I should reconsider the project etc. I want to keep the project, but have it ‘keep quiet’ for now. What’s the best way to do this? Thanks!

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I’d say you could move all the task far in the future… I don’t see anything else… Or archive the project and de-archive it later?

Hi Bastien. I’ve tried to put the project further in the future but the project tasks keep popping up in MyTasks. I’ll do a test with de/re activating the project.

If they are in Later, they popup in Upcoming 7 days before the due date and in Today on the due date. Does that match what you’ve experienced?

@Frank_Sonck, Potentially you could temporarily mark all the tasks complete (only to reverse that later), but definitely test this first on a test project because I haven’t and not sure if there are repercussions. (Bastien’s suggestion works too but requires each assignee to “Move to Later” all their assigned tasks in this project.)