Templates with Assignees by Role/Job Function



We have templates for all of the projects but find it tedious to assign each individual person to tasks, especially if we have to make a switch to staffing. Is there a way to template the ‘job title’ assigned to each task and link the person to that particular job title?

For example, we have a team leader, analyst, lawyer, associate, and designer on each project. Each task is performed by the same ‘job title’ from project to project, but the person performing this role may differ. (We have multiple analysts, lawyers, designers, etc. from which to choose for a given project).


Asana doesn’t have roles like you describe, but if you choose Copy Project or Copy Task you can check the box to carryover the assignees from the project/task you’re copying. This lets you plug in actual names on templates and keep those names when you use the template.

I’d be curious how’d you’d use roles. If you copy the role you’d still have to assign it to a person, so I’m not sure how it would save time. You could always put notes like “[ASSIGN TO DESIGNER]” in the name of the task in the template.


Thanks for the response.

Each role has 10-15 tasks per project. With a roles feature, we’d have to assign people to 4-5 roles vs. 40-60 tasks. 10x time savings!