Templates - Carrying over due dates/assignees

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I have another question for you. I have created several templates, in which some have tasks that are always assigned to the same person. I also added due dates to the template to show how long a certain process should take. However, how do I avoid tasks assigned in a template showing up in tasks due? Technically there is no task due right now, but there will be when we use that template. Does that make sense?

Hi @Kellee_Kosiorek, I’m afraid this is a common issue (you’ll find a lot of posts here) and I think you’ll either have to not make the assignments in the template (you can add a tag or something to allow you to easily do that when you instantiate the template), or warn your teammates that they should Mark for Later any assignments from a template and only treat as “real” assignments those that are from projects instantiated from such templates.

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@Kellee_Kosiorek, you can add your vote to change this behavior here:

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The lengthy existing thread gives many workaround. :ok_hand: