💡 Templates can also be "task factories"

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Following on the discussion with @Jerod_Hillard on 💡 Break long templates into stage-focused templates, it gave me the idea to share that concept of using templates as factories :factory:.

Too often, users see a template as a way to create a project, and then they feel like they need to “stay” with the project. However, a template can be used to only “fabricate” tasks, and then you can move tasks elsewhere. A couple of examples:

  • your client process takes a year, you create a template for each stage, and every time you use a new stage template, you move the resulting tasks into the main project
  • your blogpost workflow involves a task and many subtasks with dependencies, description, assignees… You create a template with a single task and once used, you move the task wherever you want it.
  • you need to generate 150 times the same task. You create one in a template and manually duplicate 5 times. Then you create a project based on the template and move back the 5 new ones into the original template. You now get 10 in the template. Use the same process again, you get 20. Then 40. Then 80. You just saved hours of many work. You are welcome :slight_smile:

Did you ever think of templates as factories?


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