Template vs. Copying Project



Can someone explain why you would use a template versus copying an existing project? We currently have a project titled “YYYY Events Calendar” that we use to track all of our day-to-day processes as well as the link to annual projects. From what I can tell there seems to be really no difference between creating a template of this project versus just copying the project.


My guess is that copying an empty project is the same as creating a template. But if you copy your existing project you will get with it the modifications you might have done to the initial version that you might not want. Does it make sense?


Yes, that makes sense! I think I’ve always tried to go back and forth between the current project and the template, updating things as we made changes. The reason I started doing this in the first place was because Asana always failed to copy my project because it was too large. They seem to have fixed this problem.


Indeed it was apparently greatly improved.


This was the response I received from Asana…

Thanks for writing in. Copying projects was our “workaround” process before we created project templates. At this point, it makes more sense to use the template feature than copying a project.

However, there are still valid use cases for the copy project feature, which is why it was not removed.

Templates make more sense when you’re developing a project outline that you know will be used multiple times in the future.

Copying project is still useful for projects you’d copy as a one off and not something you’d do consistently in the future