Template tasks with link to other template tasks in description

Hello Everyone,

I hit a small roadblock in a template I use. The template is composed of many tasks. In some task description, I need to link (with the @) other tasks.
HOWEVER (here comes the trouble)
When I create a new project with the template, the links in the task descriptions are referred to the template, and not to the new project.

Template 1

  • Task 1
  • Task 2 (in the description the link is to Template 1-Task 1)

New Project (Created from Template 1)

  • Task 1
  • Task 2 (in the description the link is STILL to Template 1-Task 1, and not to New Project-Task 1)

Do any of you know how to overcome this?


@carlo I did some testing of your issue and came up with the same problem. I think the problem is that the @mention identifies the task I.D. number and whether you duplicate the project or go the template route I think it is still going to duplicate the ID of the template. Maybe somebody else can figure it out. Sorry

Hi @James_Carl
Thanks for the comment

You are right when you say that it is the ID which links the specific task. I was hoping that being a template, it was using the assumption that all the tasks and the links inside the template itself would be linked to the “implementation” of the template…

@carlo I think your observation is a very worthy observation and should be suggested as an improvement. For instance, dependent tasks seem to hold their relevant project. I think solution would have to be if the task mention is inside the project it switches to the new project, if outside the project stays the same.

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