Template Tasks Showing up in Users "My Tasks"

I am creating Templates for projects that we create on a regular basis which is time saving because I can duplicate key items like assignees, other projects, sub tasks, dependencies, etc. However the BIG downfall is that these templates show up in the assignees “My Tasks” list and are bogus because they are coming from a template I have created. This adds to another problem. When a User links their “My Tasks” to a Google Calendar all of those bogus template tasks get brought in as well. I would think that Asana would have this resolved (and maybe they do) where once a project is converted to a template that the assignees and all other project options (sub tasks, attachments, other projects, etc.) would not show up in users “my tasks” because it just adds non-work to their task list. I searched this topic and found in 2017 this was an issue I am hoping there is a fix for this by now. PLease advise thank you.

Hi @Chris_Anaya,

There is not an official fix for it, sorry!

There are a number of established workarounds; see item F4 in this post for those:

You can also add your vote for a fix for this issue here:

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