Template tasks showing for users

I think Asana is missing out on the newly implemented “Save as a Template.” Basically, all it does is allow users to duplicate a project from the New Project screen instead of going to a project and clicking “Duplicate Project.” But it even strips away functionality but not allowing the user to pick and choose which criteria should be copied over.

To me, saving as a template should do the following which solves pain problems with the original way of creating templates as projects and just naming it “Template”:

  1. Project no longer needs to be active. A project can be archived to reduce clutter in the sidebar, but you can still easily duplicate the project from the New Project screen. Unfortunately, if you archive a template it disappears from the Templates tab.

  2. Tasks no longer show up in a user’s My Tasks. This is what I was assuming the whole point of templates was going to be. It’s very confusing for people when they see a task assigned to them, yet it’s not a real task they need to accomplish. It’s easy to mess up a template when a user deletes or marks a task complete because of this. Just telling someone to “move it to Later” feels like a hack, and “Save as a Template” does nothing to fix this issue.


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