Template keeps getting deleted


How do you create a template that can be deleted from a project under a team and have the template stay in the template area.

This is specifically for training of new people to go through the training course I have set up and when they have completed the training delete the project. Amazingly I might want someone in the future to go through the same training. There is no reason to have completed project for training filling up there project box.

Currently if I delete the project it then deletes the template.


Hi @David_Brown! The best way to work around this issue is to create a “Template Team” in which you can nest all your templates; this way templates won’t clutter your training team, but all your templates will remain available! Hope this helps; have a great day!


Hi there,

If I create a template team, will people outside of that team see the option to that template when creating a new project? Or does a template exist only inside the team associated with it?

Org A is all employees
Org B is just me and the templates.

When people in A create a new project, is the template from B accessible?




Hi @TYL3R :wave:t3:

Just to clarify, I would recommend creating a Team (not an Org) to store templates. If you set this “Template Team” as a public Team, everyone in the Organization will have access to it.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Hey @Marie,

Sorry, I am a bit lose on my naming conventions and realize I should be more clear. What I used was just an example grouping, I should have just said A and B, not org. Sorry about that.

So what you are saying, is that within an organization, the teams within (including outside invited accounts), will have access to a template, when creating a new project, if I set that as open to the organization.

To the original posters point, having a template team/that only admins are on, will protect it from accidentally being deleted. I only ask as I just had a template deleted by someone, well overwritten. So this topic sounds like one I could benefit with understanding better.




Hi @TYL3R, that’s right, if you nest your templates into a public team and make them all public, everyone will be able to access and use them. If you have concerns that someone might modify/delete your template by mistake, you can make the Template private to project members and only make it available to specific people (like Admins for example).

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


This is good info. Thank you for your response. :+1:t2: