Template due dates - automatically shift if one date is changed?

If you have a project that uses a template with set start and end dates, and you change the date of one task, will it automatically change the due dates for all remaining tasks based on how many days the original due date is altered?
For example:

  • Task #1 (on the project start date) has a due date of 1/1/2021

  • Task #99 (on the project end date) has a due date of 04/01/2021 (total time projected for this template is 3 months, every time it’s used)

  • I change the due date on task #20 to reflect a date one week later than the standard template date.

Will tasks #21-#99 all have their due dates moved by one week because a task within project has changed?


Hi @Wilma_T. This is not yet an option. Check out this thread for more discussion around this capability and add your vote for this feature request: Project Templates- Dynamic Due Dates (T+)

Another option is to check out Dynamic Duration workflow type of Flowsana integration. This will do exactly what you are asking. @Phil_Seeman can help you out here.


Thanks for the info. Not really interested in adding/paying for another program to “help” Asana along. Trying to keep my company from switching from Asana to Monday.com and dynamic due dates and dependency notifications are the 2 big draws to Monday.com. Thanks again.


Same thoughts here Wilma