Template Custom Fields, not refreshing across older tasks within a project

Dear All,

We have a custom fields template which applies to a project.
When ever a new task is created within the project the customs fields template appears and we can pre-fill the fields as required.

My question is relating to the template and whether newer iterations of the template can be applied to older tasks that originally did not have these newer customer field applied to the template?
In other words, older tasks have the missing fields that only appeared in newer version of the custom fields template and only appear on new task creation.

Can we somehow refresh all of tasks within the specified project with this specific customs fields template to show all the new missing fields options?

What I am finding is older tasks, the template does not update with these new custom fields.

I hope the above makes sense as I am relative novice when it comes to Asana.

Thanks very much in advance for your responses.

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