Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically?

Just started another thread for this exact thing prior to finding this. Anyone find a solution for this or hear from Asana on a potential fix? I feel like this should be a relatively simple fix in that you should be able to just mark projects as “Active”, “Inactive” or “Template” or something like that, and only have the tasks in “Active” projects show up in My Tasks. Would make creating new projects so much more streamlined. Right now we cannot pre-schedule tasks in templates without them showing up in My Tasks, so the scheduling feature in custom templates is pretty much useless. The only real workaround is un-assigning everyone from the template tasks, but then we’re just exchanging manually inputting dates to manually assigning users. Just trading one inefficiency for another really…

If they are preparing it for a template, wouldn’t this not apply, since at the time you are assigning the task to the user the project has not yet been converted to a template?

I am just trying to understand, without an official answer, if there is a real reason behind ii :man_shrugging:

The best workaround is to mark all template tasks as complete so they don’t show up.

I am afraid that wouldn’t be useful as you need to have the tasks within the template “not completed” since you want to use it over and over again. :slight_smile: You would need to un-check all the tasks that you completed in the template every time you use it.

Exactly :slight_smile: multi-select + uncomplete, just a few clicks

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Also adding that we really struggle with this.

Any update from the Asana team? Would LOVE for a solution here!

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@Marie @Natalia

news about this annoying error

tasks in templates may not show up in collugues tasks lists.

or do you not understand the problem we all have with this error?

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How horrible that Asana hans’t resolved this yet in 3 years that I see on this board.

It is WONDERFUL that you can create a template with assignees and due dates, then when you create a project based off that template, you note the start or end date of that project and Asana will adjust the times so the tasks have the same distance set in the template. BRILLIANT!

Then Asana drops the ball. All those tasks with due dates show up in peoples My Tasks and causes confusion. This really needs to be resolved.

Again, ANY task in a TEMPLATE should NOT show up in someone My Tasks.


There is a lengthy existing thread on the subject, you should join it. You should be able to find it using the search engine.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Richard_Getz1! As @Bastien_Siebman commented, this is a very popular request in the Forum so I’m consolidating your feedback with this main thread. I hope it’s OK.

Unfortunately I don’t have further information to share at the moment but rest ensure that as soon as I have any update I’ll share it with you here.

Have a nice day!

This is becoming a huge issue in our workflow as we need to be able to preassign template tasks but I can’t currently do that without confusing everyone who would get assigned. It is seriously impeding our ability to adopt Asana.

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This was the main reason we upgraded to the Premium account. We have a number of monthly and quarterly workflows that I was excited to create templates for to help our team be more organized. However, now my team is very confused because they see the template task along with the actual project task. I want to add my name to the list of asking for a fix for this. Please.

Just started trial on Premium, because thought that Asana really would fit my team’s purposes, but lost a lot of time when I put the first project live using a template, and it really didn’t work like I thought a template would do, the tasks showing up on the My task list is really annoying and confusing. So, I definitelty gave my vote to fix the behaviour of this.

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Wow, I’m disappointed to see that this has been a thread since 2017 and still hasn’t been resolved… just implemented this for my team and we’re having the same issue. Any updates in the near future, Asana??

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I’m shocked that this was raised in 2017, and is still an issue in 2020.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my team, has individually come to me and complained about this problem. “I have hundreds of tasks in ‘my tasks’ that belong to the template.”

This surely isn’t a huge development piece? All it needs to do is not display templated tasks in your active task list.

This is kind of ridiculous to be honest guys.

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I have literally just had the exact same thoughts and feelings. That coupled with the fact it took support 9 days to respond to an email, is making me question Asana as a viable platform.

@Paul_Grayson-Mather don’t give up on Asana yet. It is a great platform, but as with Apple they have stuck in their head their ways and not always the ways of their clients.

I’m totally blown away that this was overlooked. This single lack of feature for templates makes setting up new projects incredibly tedious. The workarounds suggested (moving these tasks to “Later” or assigning each time you create a project) are not an option for us as we have 5+ template projects we use each with 50-100 tasks plus subtasks. This totally wrecks our workflow when using Asana. I recently talked our company into adopting Asana more and the hoe is it will get further adopted, but this single issue has resulted in a to of grief of the adoption process internally and now people aren’t even using the project task assignments because no one has time to re-assign new tasks. This is more than frustrating for us and has made our coworkers frustrated with me…uggh.


@Josh_Brown I agree and find myself in this position weekly when helping people get further into Asana. The huge template wall to get people’s over is needless. If one person belongs to several teams all using templates, that person could have a 100 tasks floating with past due dates.