Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically?

Just started another thread for this exact thing prior to finding this. Anyone find a solution for this or hear from Asana on a potential fix? I feel like this should be a relatively simple fix in that you should be able to just mark projects as “Active”, “Inactive” or “Template” or something like that, and only have the tasks in “Active” projects show up in My Tasks. Would make creating new projects so much more streamlined. Right now we cannot pre-schedule tasks in templates without them showing up in My Tasks, so the scheduling feature in custom templates is pretty much useless. The only real workaround is un-assigning everyone from the template tasks, but then we’re just exchanging manually inputting dates to manually assigning users. Just trading one inefficiency for another really…

If they are preparing it for a template, wouldn’t this not apply, since at the time you are assigning the task to the user the project has not yet been converted to a template?

I am just trying to understand, without an official answer, if there is a real reason behind ii :man_shrugging:

The best workaround is to mark all template tasks as complete so they don’t show up.

I am afraid that wouldn’t be useful as you need to have the tasks within the template “not completed” since you want to use it over and over again. :slight_smile: You would need to un-check all the tasks that you completed in the template every time you use it.

Exactly :slight_smile: multi-select + uncomplete, just a few clicks

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Also adding that we really struggle with this.

Any update from the Asana team? Would LOVE for a solution here!