Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically?

2.5 years later and this still hasn’t been addressed? This is beyond frustrating/disappointing. PLEASE tell me this is being worked on!?


This 2.5 year old thread… any chance that we can get an update here?

If you’re not going to make this change and it is not on the road map, please just tell us.

Thank you.


Asana never says what’s on the roadmap, so you should consider it won’t be around before a while.

The work around I’m going to use is to mark all tasks in a template as complete, and then when I use it to create a project, flip all tasks to incomplete.

Hopefully Asana fixes this soon.


Nice trick :+1:

is this bug fixed now?
my collegues very often set those tasks to “done” , but they may stay “undone” in the templates!
very confusing. and annoying, that causes erros in workflow.
assigned tasks in templates may not be shown in task lists.

We also struggle with this. We have numerous templates and a lot of us are assigned to the tasks within those templates. It’s fine to move the tasks to “later” and then collapse as a workaround, but for someone like me who delegates a lot and is bouncing around from assignee to assignee, they “un-collapse” every time I go back. It only makes sense to not show up on someones list until the task is actually created. Asana please fix this so I can get my sanity back! My list is out of control and I’ve desensitized myself so much to the items on my list, it’s almost pointless to even have a to-do list! Completely defeats the purpose.

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My team absolutely hates having to see template tasks in My Tasks. They get in the way and people mark them as complete on accident, messing up the template.

Why can’t the Asana just treat template projects and task as different from normal ones? It seems silly that users have been asking for this for over two years and the only thing approaching a solution is “Banish it to Later”

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I see one particular use case that would be broken by your suggestion: the creation template phase, when you want to assign tasks to people so they can work on preparing it for the template.

My team uses template projects extensively. We’ll each be assigned multiple tasks in multiple template projects. We all now have an ever-growing mass of these tasks in our My Tasks that can’t be gotten rid of, only banished to “Later”.

I’d like to see a feature where tasks assigned within template projects simply not appear in My Tasks.

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There is already a gargantuan thread on this - I suggest mods merge this there to avoid diluting votes.

Can you link that? I can delete this and add my vote there

@Marie Please close.

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Hi @Thomas_Gelder

I’ve merged your post with the thread Stephanie has outlined. If you haven’t yet I would suggest you to upvote it!

Thank you @Stephanie_Oberg for your help! :smiley:

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Make it so custom templates don’t automatically share new projects with original template creator. Maybe make it an option when setting up the new project instead.
When a custom template is used for a new project by another team member, the original creator of the template isn’t necessarily working on the new project. Therefore, they don’t need to be notified every time their template is used.


Hi @Danielle_Kosh and welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! This is a popular request in the Forum and we already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve merged your post and your vote with our existing conversation to consolidate feedback on this topic! I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have an update!

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Thank you.

This is a huge oversight from the Asana team. There is zero logical reason to have assignees have tasks in their My Tasks for a project template unless it is just to piss them off.

Very poor form.

It actually makes sense during the template building phase, where you can assign task to people so they can prepare the task :slight_smile:

That is what scoping meetings are for. And if you don’t have scoping meetings, then a single task outside the template to reference would be much cleaner than having a ton of tasks assigned and schedule (if you schedule within your templates which you should) to people who can’t work on anything.