Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically?


This is still a pain point for us. Almost 2 years later it feels like it’s safe to assume Asana has no plan to fix this frustrating design deficiency.

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Agreed. This is very disappointing.

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This seems like very basic functionality to include for a template - nothing in a template is real work to be done! Even just allowing users the ability to hide a specific project’s tasks from the My Work section would fix this. Please Asana add something to address this.


This is a very annoying issue. It does not make sense having tasks that will never be completed in our inboxes.

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I still wonder if most organizations could use a tag for the Assignee in the template and then when the template is used search by tag, Multi-select the name of a tag and add as Assignee. Not pretty but at least it should take out of My Tasks. If projects could be sorted by tags it would be even easier to do this method. Alternatively for premium users you could have a drop down custom field with all the potential assignee names in it. When the new project is created if you click that field it would sort by custom field entry allowing the mass selection to create the Assignee. When you are done with doing this in the new project, remove the custom field. Again this is a work-around but it would take it out of My Tasks.


Just one caveat here: this approach will only work for organizations (or perhaps teams depending on the use case) of 50 users or less, since that’s the maximum number of allowable custom field values in a dropdown custom field.


Thanks @Phil_Seeman, you always are keeping an eye on things to bring great clarification. Much appreciated.


There is a good chance not all 50 people will be involved in tasks in template though :slight_smile:

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And because they are used for a unique use if you have that many, create additional fields. In the end they are taken out of the project.

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