Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically?

When you assign users to a task under a template - these tasks will be shown in the users task list. It would be great, if it was possible to add users to templates and not having to see these tasks.

We use Asana for pretty much all recurrent tasks, like invoicing and so on - and this always done by the same two person, so it would be a great addition if we could build the template, but not having their “my tasks” polluted by these template tasks.

This is a very requested feature you’ll find the original thread using the search engine :v:

Cool - i did do a search but apparently did not look close enough :slight_smile:

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Please please please fix this issue. This is a huge time suck - whether you go with a work around or you just assign tasks to people when the tasks are generated. :disappointed_relieved::tired_face::pray:t3:

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Would it be possible to get this merged with Template tasks showing for users ? They are essentially the same thing.

I cannot stress this enough - to the good people at Asana: please add functionality that allows users to hide tasks that are in templates from the My Tasks view.

Thank you!

I think Asana is missing out on the newly implemented “Save as a Template.” Basically, all it does is allow users to duplicate a project from the New Project screen instead of going to a project and clicking “Duplicate Project.” But it even strips away functionality but not allowing the user to pick and choose which criteria should be copied over.

To me, saving as a template should do the following which solves pain problems with the original way of creating templates as projects and just naming it “Template”:

  1. Project no longer needs to be active. A project can be archived to reduce clutter in the sidebar, but you can still easily duplicate the project from the New Project screen. Unfortunately, if you archive a template it disappears from the Templates tab.

  2. Tasks no longer show up in a user’s My Tasks. This is what I was assuming the whole point of templates was going to be. It’s very confusing for people when they see a task assigned to them, yet it’s not a real task they need to accomplish. It’s easy to mess up a template when a user deletes or marks a task complete because of this. Just telling someone to “move it to Later” feels like a hack, and “Save as a Template” does nothing to fix this issue.


Not sure if I understand you right but most of those already exist in Asana.

There is no specific “Save as Template” but you can create “TEMPLATE taskname” which is ready to use and then just make a copy of it, so it’s not true that you can only access “Copy task” from New Project. It exists for all existing projects (even archived ones). During a copy, you CAN CHOOSE CRITERIA which will be copied. Such template, when it doesn’t have an asignee and the date is not showing on your task list. So most of what you wrote is already there.

The only missing thing is that such template does show on a certain project list, cluttering the view. So having the functionality to hide it somehow would be nice.

Hi @Michal,

I don’t think you know about Asana’s recent templating changes. There is a “Save as Template” feature. Read this article and check out #2 in the image below:

So your comments are not addressing my feedback which I think is still valid.


Ah, you’re right. I thought that you are talking about tasks, because I use them as projects (with their subtasks), while projects are just some more general categories. Sorry.

Now it’s clear what you are asking for and it sounds very reasonable.

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Big yes to #2 here. Including template tasks in My Tasks brings in a huge amount of clutter for our team and defeats the purpose of having templates in our case. Template tasks should be completely hidden from My Tasks.


Similar topic in post Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically?. There is a link in that post to upvote this request. Let’s hope that it garners attention.


Can Asana comment on the status of this enhancement request?


@Asana Would it be possible to hide Custom Project Template Tasks from My Tasks? The Custom Project Template Tasks are not actionable and therefore it is a bug to have them in My Tasks.

A response in this thread to let your users know you are listening would be greatly appreciated.


Disappointed to see we are coming up on a year and still no acknowledgement from Asana that this is, at the very least, poor design.

A template is a template to make active projects easily. It is not an active project, nor should it appear in tasks as an active project. I’m new to Asana, and there are reasons I chose it over wrike/teamwork but some of these core functions make it really difficult to use. We’re hoping things like this get added soon but are concerned since there is no product roadmap and this request is about a year old.



Having templates ready with the assignments would save a lot of time for projects with the same structure. Them showing up in “My Tasks” defeats this. :frowning:

@Alexis, any word from the Asana team on this issue? Everyone here has been making very good points concerning the way templates behave in Asana.

how does one upvote this? +1, desperately needed feature.

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It’s doubly frustrating when you have some of those tasks also in other projects! I am not pre-assigning the tasks due to this unfortunate oversight, but I want my Template’s tasks to include all the other projects and tags that need to be associated with it.