Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically?

I have literally just had the exact same thoughts and feelings. That coupled with the fact it took support 9 days to respond to an email, is making me question Asana as a viable platform.

@Paul_Grayson-Mather don’t give up on Asana yet. It is a great platform, but as with Apple they have stuck in their head their ways and not always the ways of their clients.

I’m totally blown away that this was overlooked. This single lack of feature for templates makes setting up new projects incredibly tedious. The workarounds suggested (moving these tasks to “Later” or assigning each time you create a project) are not an option for us as we have 5+ template projects we use each with 50-100 tasks plus subtasks. This totally wrecks our workflow when using Asana. I recently talked our company into adopting Asana more and the hoe is it will get further adopted, but this single issue has resulted in a to of grief of the adoption process internally and now people aren’t even using the project task assignments because no one has time to re-assign new tasks. This is more than frustrating for us and has made our coworkers frustrated with me…uggh.


@Josh_Brown I agree and find myself in this position weekly when helping people get further into Asana. The huge template wall to get people’s over is needless. If one person belongs to several teams all using templates, that person could have a 100 tasks floating with past due dates.

Hi, I have also managed to get my company to start using Asana, mainly by showing them how easy it is to use templates. Now they are all complaining because they don’t know what tasks they are meant to be doing and which are just from the template. I really don’t want people to hate Asana as it is such a great and easy to use product in so many ways.


Going on 3 years on this and it is still not resolved? Templates are almost useless if you cant assign dates and users to the template. Our team currently has to use a template and then spend a 30 minutes assigning the dates and tasks, when they are always assigned to the same person… ASANA FIX THIS!


Hi community! The answer to this may be out there, but I couldn’t find find it so I’m coming to you!

One of our teams used Asana last October to trial completing quarter end activities. That format worked well for them (yay!), so they converted the project into a template. They uncompleted all the tasks, left the assignees and the original due dates. The issue is that when they created a new project from that template, the users were not only assigned tasks for the new project (with appropriate dates and assignments), but also assigned tasks for the original dates in the template.

Our understanding was that when the project is converted into a template, the tasks need to be uncompleted so that they are generated that way in the new project. That seemed to have worked, until a new project was created from the template, and the tasks/dates from the original project were then re-assigned to people. Is there a way to keep this from happening so that low use Asana users aren’t confused why they might have months old tasks being reassigned to them?

Hi @Natalie_Stockmann and thank you for reaching out!

You are correct here. What you have explained is the current behaviour when creating a new Project from a Template. This is actually a very popular talking point and request in the Forum and certainly a topic our Team is planning to improve in the future.

Meanwhile, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing thread to concentrate feedback on this and I would encourage you to cast your vote and to have a look a the workaround provided by Allen. It might help for the time being.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question Natalie! Have a nice week!

I’ve done that, but they are still not showing up in Later…any thoughts?

Your My Tasks view is sorted by due date. You need to sort by “none”.
Little tip: your template should use dates far away in the future, and then you should use the automatic date shifting method at creation to shift them back in place.

I want to love this software, but two huge issues that have not been addressed has caused us to switch to another system:

  1. Dependent tasks show in MyTasks: Sometimes there is nothing you can complete until a previous step is done. The problem is that the dependent task shows in your task list even though there is nothing to update or work on.

  2. Template tasks showing in My Tasks automatically.

These are basic functions that cause mass confusion to my team. See ya’



I urgently need a solution for this! Meanwhile, I’d like to share what we do in our company. We use templates for discount campaigns, product launches, etc. We have around 600 tasks in each template, every task in the template is assigned and dated. To avoid having a long list of dates in red in our “my tasks” list, we have all the tasks completed in the template, so all we need to do whenever we use that template is unfinish all the tasks using advanced search.

Hope this helps!


That is definitely a very cool trick and in my opinion the best one for this use case!


Hard to beleive this forum question and concern has been opened since 2017 with no update. This is a huge need of ours as well! We are a small association, and it is up to me, our only salaried employee, to support and create tasks to assign to all of our committees, who are made up of volunteers. We are fighting an uphill battle to get them to use the program in the first place, and so I end up needing to constantly clean up their tasks created by using the templates I put in place for them. The whole point of a template is to take that work away and create an easy system to recreate something.

Please make this a priority!

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Hard to beleive this forum question and concern has been opened since 2017 with no update.

↑ You must be new here my friend.

+1 to this request.

+1 to this request. This would safe so much time for us in planning.

Hi @Goran_Lazarov! Take a look to my tip, it might help your planning :slight_smile:

I am testing this for our organization. I really want Templates with assigned people and start and due dates. Also noticed it all showing up in calendars when it was templates…

I tested using the year 2050 to schedule the dates in the templates…then when you use the template, populate the start date…seems to work fine…no 2050 Tasks will show up in most calendars and easy to tell everyone to disregard?

The best workaround I found was still to have a custom field “Future assignee” in the template, don’t assign tasks, and only do once you use the template…