Template and Search



Hi, in my company we use a lot the templates and we create dozens of them.
Please may you add a “search” feature in the “create project from template” window?

You should add a button “create new project from this template” too, in the template pages.



Thanks for this feedback @Riccardo_Mares, I agree this would be very useful. In the meantime, I would recommend using (Cmd/Ctrl + F) to quickly search for your Template with keywords :slight_smile:


I could sure use “search” with CTRL-F, but as you surely know, to view all the templates we need to do two clicks: https://i.imgur.com/w44wEbj.png

It isn’t so UX friendly.



Got it @Riccardo_Mares, thanks again for taking the time to share this feedback with us!


Hi. I saw the new template interface.
Is it so hard to show directly the full list of the own templates with an inline search tool by name?