Teams vs Projects vs Cost Centers

Hi there,
I am a newbie but want to set up Asana correctly from the start. We have a vineyard that is made up of several cost centers i.e. Vineyard, Winery, Events, Administration, etc and we have several team members that can work cross cost-centers. My thinking was to set up each cost-center as a project and then have sub-projects for all the different projects within that cost-center. However, now I am struggling with teams because an individual can work across different cost centers but not all, and obviously, we need management to be able to get an overview of all projects.
I hope I am making sense. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi @Tony_Juays. Welcome to the forum! I would recommend you set-up as an Organisation, with the cost-centers being Teams. This would allow you to have certain members be across different teams as needed and should provide the best options around project/task management. Have a look here: . Be sure to also check out the Asana guide as well for onboarding/best practices when starting out: Hope this helps!


I agree with Bernie. You are able to add members to more than one team (Cost Center), or to specific projects. Setting up an organization to access the Team feature is available in the basic (free) version of Asana. You only need a company domain to do so.

Thank you