Team's Top Feature Requests



My team has come up with a list of requests for consideration:

  • I wish we were able to move all deadlines in a project together. For example, if a project is pushed back a week, all task deadlines would move back a week too.
  • I wish we could see more project details when we mention a project in Slack
  • Should project members automatically be added as conversation followers? They’re getting the first notification, but not other people’s input.
  • Being able to drag attachments directly from email to project (currently have to drag to desktop and then upload from there)
  • Ability to assign a template to projects converted from task (i.e. all our new projects coming in through form)
  • Ability to sort projects different ways (alpha, date, owner, etc.) in the sidebar and other places.
  • Ability to sort tasks under a specific section only
  • I wish we could see projects age (like it Trello) so we know what’s been stagnant.
  • I wish there was a task view that include tasks assigned to us as well as tasks assigned to others on projects we own.
  • I wish subtasks were also tagged with project name/color like top-level tasks, as there is typically even less at-a-glance context for these
  • Ability to navigate back to the full project when click on a link to a task in an email notification - links to projects are always dead
  • I wish the trash icon wasn’t buried under “more actions” (…).
  • I wish you could assign a custom field to a project section
  • That hitting “enter” within a comments box served same purpose as hitting the Comment button
  • I wish we could archive tasks so we can still track tasks that never came to fruition, but we don’t get reminded about them
  • If something is due at a certain time of day, that that time showed up in My Tasks before the day before the deadline


This one right here would make Asana pretty much permanently invaluable to our entire company (which is 1100+ people, so significant account for Asana). As it is, 3/4 of the company won’t use Asana because of this.


Hi @Sara_Tall

A lot of your requests have already been covered by other threads in the Community. Sorting within sections, for example, has already received a lot of votes:

It might be worth searching the Community to see if you can vote on existing threads for some of the topics you’ve mentioned. :slight_smile:

Here’s the thread that explains how the feedback process currently works:


This is available via the Timeline. Just drag-select all the items, move them 1-week (or whatever).

Laura brings up a good point that this does create issues, like keeping deadlines. But I have noticed that if you set the Project start and due dates, those don’t move when you shift the tasks. So my personal take would be to use those as a reference when a project started and how much it missed it’s deadline, but also use the timeline shift to move task deadlines en mass without having to do them one by one.


Hi @Sara_Tall and thank you so much for sharing your feedback, we really appreciate it. As @Mark_Hudson already mentioned, there are already existing feedback threads for some of the feedback you have listed above, and I’d highly encourage you to vote for them. You should be easily able to find them via the search function

When posting in the community, I’d recommend creating one thread for each question/feedback you may have. This helps us to keep the community tidy and it will also allow you to get quicker responses! You can learn more about our Community forum Guideline here: Asana Community Guidelines

I’m going to close this thread for now but you’re more than welcome to comment on existing post or create new ones for each feedback you may have.

Of course, if you have any follow-up questions, you’re also more than welcome to reach out to me via DM. Again, thanks for sharing your feedback on the community with us!

Have a great day!