Team Size Limit


I am well aware a similar tread exists already but the answer does not really help me out.

I have just created a project and have been adding people in (currently we’re 8 in total) and I cannot go beyond current size even though max is 15.

Error message: “IT team is full.Upgrade to add more members.”

Could you please help me out?

We are really keen on using Asana for managing our student society.



15 is the limit of the team size.
You have to consider all the projects inside the team. If you count the total number of different users in all those projects, then you’re probably reaching 15 even if the last project has only 8 members. It means you have 7 other users already in other projects, within the team.



Thank you! I was just looking on a project level and there was another mutual project which is outdated now.

Cheers for the clarification.


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