Team & Project Conversation Collaborators

@Alexis Could you explain a little about when creating collaborators for Teams or Projects, sometimes it says x number of people will be notified. Other times it has a + sign where you can add collaborators. Are there differences in what is available based on who is creating, paid or free version, who the collaborators are. I can’t quite figure out the difference when it only say x number will be notified versus seeing the actual icons of people that are collaborators on conversations. Sometimes when you email to a team or project conversation using the cc field, the people show up, other times the + is not even available but it says x number will be notified. Thanks

Hi @James_Carl. Have you looked at the guide articles on collaborators and notifications? These are our sources of truth. +

Basically if you click the + in the top right of a project you can view members and you’re navigated to an option to update member notification settings. You’ll see checkboxes that indicate who will be notified and when specifically.

Does this help?

@Alexis I am aware of the information above, what I am more confused about is what actually shows up at the bottom of the actual conversation where sometimes it shows the collaborators and sometimes it just says x number will be notified.

Yup, the number of people who will be notified is a direct result of notification settings. So, say you have 10 people following a project. 1 person doesn’t want to be notified when conversations happen. That means that if you start a conversation only 9 people will be notified.

@Alexis Thanks, if all are set to be notified, why does one screenshot show the Collaborators and their icon and the other does not. Sorry I am being so dense on this but I can’t figure out when all are being set to be notified why they don’t show up as Collaborators and have the ability to add more just like the last screenshot.

@James_Carl I’m not sure either. Could you please share a screenshot of the 1) notification settings box and 2) what it looks like when you create a task or conversation and it indicates who is going to be notified?

@alexis, I cannot replicate the screenshots above as is always the case trying to figure out something. For now the Collaborators and their icons seem to be showing. Thanks

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