Team Members vs Project Members



Hello everyone.

Looking for a little guidance or example of when to use a team member and when to use someone as a project member.

Currently I run an SEO agency where I started an “team” and invited my employees and interns to the “team”, then invited each one to each project i created. However I have a freelancer I’m about to use and not sure if I should just add her to that singular project she’s working on? OR the actual “Team”

Hope that makes sense!


Hi Brandon,

First of all a very warm welcome to the Community! Always good to have new members onboard :slight_smile:
Regarding your question:
You should consider who needs which information.
If people are added to a project, they start getting notifications if new tasks are created or done by default, this can be changed of course.
If you just want to make sure people can see all tasks within your team it is enough to add them as team member.

Regarding freelancer: Here I strongly recommend to just invite him to the project! Why: Usually an external person should not see everything.
You can also leverage the new comment only projects, to make sure that the freelancer can only comment but not change tasks if you give him access to the whole team for transparency reasons.

Here is some material which will help you too.
And if you have further questions, feel free to reach out to the community again.


Great input from Sebastian_Paasch. Here’s my reductionist way of thinking of it:

  1. Is this person a part of the overall Team? If yes, add them to the Team.
  2. Is this person not a part of the Team, but is involved with this Project? If yes, add them just to the Project.
  3. Is this person a part of the overall Team and involved with this specific Project? If yes, they should be a Team member and I would also add them to the Project.

Keep in mind that everyone on the Team can view and access the Project - but if they aren’t specifically added to the Project they won’t get some notifications, etc.

So in your case, putting everyone together in the Team is great. Personally, I wouldn’t feel the need to add them all to each Project - I would just add them if they are actually a part of that Project. And for the freelancer, I would definitely just do Project - because she’s not really on the overall Team - the Team transcends Projects, it’s bigger than that.